Sunday, May 25, 2014

Are These Nearby Locations Related to Site R?

According to the DoDI 5110.11, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex "comprises a
complex of areas including the land, space, roads, improvements, and all supporting utilities and
supporting easements of the areas known as Site R in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and Site C
in Washington County, Maryland".

It's easy enough to find Site R by simply searching for "Raven Rock Mountain Complex" on Google Maps. If you select the Earth view, you can see some pretty detailed satellite imagery of the place. But what's intriguing about the description above is the phrase "supporting easements". Could there be some nearby areas that are somehow related to Site R? And are those areas visible on Google/Bing Maps?

Three Possibly Related Locations
Located around three miles from Site R are three possibly related locations forming a relatively straight line each about a half a mile apart. All of these locations have security cameras, barbed-wire fences, and are regularly patrolled by military police. The first two appear to be entrances to an underground bunker.

Google Earth and Bing Maps images show a small entrance at the bottom of a mound in the middle of a field. A gravel road leads back to the main road. 

Bing Maps and Google Earth images shows a similar structure about a half mile away from the first one.

The white structure to the left of the building have red warning labels: "DIESEL" "NO SMOKING" and "COMBUSTIBLE". The warning signs on the fence are similar to the ones posted on the fence around Site R.

The warning sign on this fence is the same as the one outside the back gate at Site R.

DoDI 5110.11 - Public Intelligence
Location 1 and 2 - Google Maps, Bing Maps
Location 3 - Google Street View

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