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  1. Enjoyed browsing the photos. I was stationed at Fort Richie, Md during 1960-1963 and worked in Raven Rock.

  2. I worked inside Site R, ANMCC, from May 70 to May 71 with the Weather Detachment briefing worldwide weather for launch and recovery of SIOP forces. Had Base housing in the apartments back on Ft. Ritchie a few hundred yards from the Appalachian Trail. Good assignment, beautiful locale. Twelve hour shifts inside but we did not follow the on/off duty protocol of the rest of the staff. There is a relativey new book out Titled "Raven Rock" by Garrett M. Graff, copyright 2017. Avbl on Amazon. Discusses, Raven Rock, Greenbrier, Mt. Weather and places i'd never heard of - other Cold WAr relocation sites and the whole history of survivability following a nculear exchange. No photos of Raven Rock.

  3. I was a Reservist at Ft.Ritchie during 1967 and 68.Our mission was actually at the Letterkenny Depot.I. have retired (1991) as a CWO2 and my son started me on a challenge coin collection.Can I purchase a Raven Rock or is their a Ft.Ritchie coin available I could purchase.Thank you so much for your time.God Bless al of our warriors serving our great country.
    CW2 Tom Collins USA Ret

    1. Your best bet is to periodically check eBay for Raven Rock challenge coins. Although beware - there are fake ones for sale sometimes.

  4. I was stationed at Ft Richie in 1966 and visited Site R on numerous occasions. I was a member of headquarters & service company USASCC. We were appart of USAJSC. Is it possible to receive a challenge coin for Site R or Ft Ritchie?