Sunday, June 28, 2015

Site R Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are used as awards for outstanding performance and are presented by unit commanders in recognition of a special achievement. They are also sometimes given to dignitaries or special  guests as a mememto of their visit to certain installations.

Below are six challenge coins related to Site R. There is also another Site R challenge coin displayed on the Fire & Emergency Services blog post.

Raven Rock Mountain Complex challenge coin - 114th Signal Battalion
Signal Masters of the Rock:  114th Signal Battalion Command Team Coin of Excellence

AJCC Site R coin - Raven Rock Mountain Complex challenge coin
Alternate Joint Communications Center Site R: Well Done From the Headquarters Commandant

JSSC Raven Rock challenge coin - Site R
Joint Staff Support Center: Presented by Chief JSSC Site-R Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Raven Rock Mountain Complex Site R: Installation Commander Coin of Excellence

Raven Rock Mountain Complex - Site R - Ready, Always, Period

1111th Signal Battalion Site R challenge coin - Fort Detrick
Commander's Coin of Excellence: 1111th Signal Battalion Fort Detrick, MD. Site R

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