Thursday, May 8, 2014

About This Blog

This is an unofficial blog and is not associated with or endorsed by anyone at Site R.

I became interested in Site R after researching it for my other blog About Camp David. I had come across a theory about the existence of a secret tunnel between Camp David and Site R and wanted to look into it. I wrote a post on that blog about the Raven Rock Mountain Complex back in August 2011. Since then, I've updated the post at least a dozen times and have not come close to including everything I have on this topic.

Given the large amount of information I've found on Site R, I decided that it would easier going forward to create a new blog devoted entirely to this interesting place. Also, recent developments have led me to believe that Site R is growing in size and importance despite the fact that you never really hear much about it in the news.

Disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever to Site R. The information published on this blog comes from publicly-accessible websites. I'm also the author of the Site R Tour parody.


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