Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why the Big Hole at Fort Ritchie, Maryland? Army says S-H-H-H!

March 9, 1952

FORT RITCHIE, Md. The Army has only one thing to say about its newest military installation in Maryland. “Sh-h-h-h!” For about a year now it has had a private contractor blasting and drilling an eight million dollar hole into Raven Rock Mountain, just across the state line in Pennsylvania.

It has contracted with another company to build some kind of a structure in the hole, for another eight million. It started to do about 10 million dollars worth of building right here at Fort Ritchie.

There was talk this was all to be a bombproof Pentagon in the mountains where the nation’s high command could take refuge and direct defense in case Washington was atomized.Then there was an official announcement it would be a supplemental communications center, an alternate operating hub for the wire and radio networks maintained by the Army, Navy and Air Force from stations in and around Washington.  Read more

November 7, 1952

Army Sharply Criticizes Its Engineers For Revealing Data on Secret Project

Washington, Nov. 7 — Existence of a 35-million-dollar underground Pentagon” as an atomic bomb-proof refuge for top defense officials was officially disclosed today under surprising circumstances. The army lashed out at its own Washington district engineer’s office for unauthorized release of material describing the three-story underground building constructed at Camp Ritchie, Md., as an alternate high command post for use if the nation’s capital is bombed.  Read more

February 15, 1954

Atomic-age, Underground Pentagon Is Completed; Cost 35 Millions Or More

WASHINGTON — The high command's atom-age "underground Pentagon,*’ built inside a mountain 65 miles from the national capital, is ready.

A Defense Department spokesman said today in reply to a reporter’s question that the project, which started three years ago to provide an altornate command post and communications center if atomic attack should threaten or destroy the Pentagon, is "100 per cent completed."  Read more

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  1. I have toured the Greenbrier bunker with my kids. Good following of the money trail with the job ads. Thanks for your efforts, here.

    Please also see climate engineering info at www.geoengineeringwatch.org

  2. I worked there as a military police officer in 1974. We worked inside the tunnel and managed entry into and exit from the underground facility.