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Help Wanted: Secret Cooks for Raven Rock

Job Posting for the Granite Cove Dining Facility

Job posting for Cook
At first glance, this job posting seems pretty mundane:
The Cook II (PT) prepares salad bar items, fruit, short order menu items, and performs grill duties for meals
Except that this cook needs a Secret clearance.   SECRET:  Unauthorized disclosure of the information this clearance covers could be expected to cause grave damage to national security.  (Note to future Site R cooks: that's "GRAVE" damage, not "GRAVY" damage.)

The job posting reveals the client::
The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC) is a Government facility in Franklin Country PA (also called "Site R"). The facility is operated by the U.S. Army. RRMC has a Full Food Service (FFS) dining facility.
The cook position is located in Site R's "Granite Cove Dining Facility".  In 2013, Chickasaw Nation Industries, an 8a Native American Firm, was awarded a 5-year Base Operations Support contract for Raven Rock. (Base Operation Support consists of: Full Service Dining Facility, Custodial Services, Transportation Services, Logistics, and Roads and Grounds).

The Defense Logistics Agency estimated the annual budget for Granite Cove as $169,000 in 2005.

Some of the Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Site R Cook include:

  • Monitors subsistence availability; coordinates with ration personnel and pulls all required ingredients from storerooms
  • Prepares and cooks all meats (beef, pork, poultry, fish and game) and other type entrees, by roasting, broiling, baking, frying, boiling, steaming, sauteing and stewing. 
  • Prepares a variety of vegetables, starches, gravies, sauces, sandwiches and other foods in accordance with production schedules, standard recipes and 1st cook's instructions. 

Deliveries to the Granite Cove Dining Facility

The Granite Cove Dining Facility is located deep underground in the Alpha corridor off the inner tunnel. As such, there are special delivery requirements for this location:
Driver will report to the Remote Delivery Facility (RDF). When the vehicle arrives at the RDF it will be off loaded, all items scanned and the truck relocated to the rear of the building where it will be reloaded. After inspection, the delivery driver will proceed into the outer tunnel with escort. The delivery vehicle must be a diesel fuel vehicle to enter into the outer and inner tunnels. Product must be delivered to the dock in the inner tunnel through a gate measuring 11 feet wide and 11 feet, 11 inches high. This can either be accomplished by bringing the vehicle through the gate or by bringing the product by hand through the gate and onto the dock, where it will be received by designated RRMC Dining Facility Contractor personnel.

First-Person Account of the Site R Cafeteria

The CONELRAD Adjacent blog found a source they named "Deep Mug" who said this about the Granite Cove Dining Facility:
"Granite Cove is a big, open room with a bunch of tables for the military folks. It is carpeted, with white walls and a rather ordinary drop ceiling. It can seat probably 200 or more people at a time. 
Granite Cove gets a "2" for atmosphere but a "4" for food. Again, the service is generally strong but the entrees are inconsistent. Dessert is usually good though not exotic. Granite Cove gets a "2" for atmosphere but a "4" for food. Again, the service is generally strong but the entrees are inconsistent. Dessert is usually good though not exotic. 
Breakfast at Granite Cove is always great. The military does breakfast right. The worst food items are usually the same worst items from a typical college cafeteria--mystery meat, soggy fries, over-steamed vegetables. Granite Cove used to serve a midnight meal since there were folks inside the mountain 24 hours a day. The quality of midnight chow ranged from exceptional to inedible...often swinging from one extreme to the other in a single day."

 Cooking's not your thing? They are also looking for Secret Custodians.

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  1. I worked the soup line and was a part time mycophagist. If I got lucky and found moss growth the workers would get happy knowing we would have moss soup that night.