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What the State of Pennsylvania Discloses About Site R

Site R is located in Adams County Pennsylvania and is subject to the permitting and inspection requirements established by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). The mission of the PADEP is "to protect Pennsylvania's air, land and water from pollution and to provide for the health and safety of its citizens through a cleaner environment". Information related to licensed facilities operating in Pennsylvania  is public and is posted on their website.

Raven Rock Mountain Complex Operating Permit

Raven Rock Mountain Complex operating permit

The Major Facility Operating Permit provides the following details about some of the equipment installed at RRMC:

  • 21 emergency generators
  • 2 fire pump engines
  • catalyst purifiers (East and West Plant compressors, fire pump, UPS generator)
  • 6 diesel engines
  • 2 - 23,450 BTU boilers
  • wastewater treatment plant

Raven Rock Mountain Complex Fuel Tanks

Under Pennsylvania's Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act, the PADEP Storage Tank Program is responsible for permitting, inspecting, and implementing regulations for above ground and underground storage tanks.

Growth in fuel storage tank capacity from 1989 to 2012 based on posted PA tank permits

If you look up the Raven Rock Mountain Complex using the PADEP Facility Search function,  you will see a total of 34 storage tanks shown as currently in use. The permit dates range from 1989 to 2012. Tanks installed prior to that date are not included in the above charts.

This screen shows the 5 storage tanks that were permitted in 1989

The above screen shows that there were five storage tanks permitted in 1989. Another PADEP file provides additional information about those five tanks including type (underground/above ground), installation date, capacity in gallons, and substance (diesel/gasoline).

Tanks listed in 1989 permit

In 2003, two addtional tanks were permitted (NMO - new motor oil):
Tanks listed in 2003 permit

In 2012, there were three permits (3/12, 3/21, 3/30) issued for an additional 27 fuel storage tanks each with 20,000 gallon capacity (diesel fuel).  A large fuel tank storage facility was built to accommodate the fuel requirements for the massive power plant modernization project designed to double the generating capacity to meet future mission requirements. More information about the fuel facility and power plant modernization will be covered in future blog posts.

Storage Tank Violations

In 2012, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex received six storage tank violations:
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Failure to meet underground storage tank system operational requirements (2)
  • Spill and overfill control
  • Failure to have trained and designated operators
  • Operations and maintenance violations

Air Quality / Water Quality

In addition to operating permits and violations, the PADEP also tracks and reports on facility emissions. The EPA website also has information related to air quality and water quality at Site R. These topics will be covered in more detail in a future post.

PA Department of Environmental Protection

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